I am a printmaker. I am a product of the great mark makers of the past. I dive in with my whole being, playing with the process and stretching it with both hands and arms and fingers so that the conversation between me and the paper and the press continues. My eye gazing over every inch of the print, I stand back, surprised, amused, enticed by what I see, hoping the viewer will travel the page with me and find her or his story alongside mine. There are three movements represented in my new work, all dealing with transition and, therefore, journey. The first, called The heart has left the home, mirrors both my travel away from home and my mother’s death. The second, I am sea glass, speaks to aging and transformation as glass tossed between the sea and the sand. The third is simply called, Journey, and is still unfolding, as it should, raising questions of images realized and of those yet unknown.
Internal External Eternal layered silk with monotype 17 1/2” x 21”
©2017 Evey Jones
Evey Jones Print Maker